At Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours, we stand on the shoulders of the giants that are the beautiful Northern peaks of Pakistan. In the yesteryears we found that Pakistan holds untapped reserves of the wilderness that yearn to be witnessed by the wider world. With today’s booming dot com age, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours believes that the world is now increasingly becoming a Global Village with vast distances being bridged by services, much like the ones we offer, to create not an industry of tourists but one of a wider family of adventurers, explorers and connoisseurs of travelogues. We were birthed on that very concept to introduce these tours that offer a sublet into the majestic peaks of the North to witness an experience that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
The travel on offer through our services hold deeper meaning than just a run of the mill tour. They are the ultimate resort that rest and revitalize corporate retreaters and our consumer clientele alike and are paramount in experiencing scenery, animals and people that can be found nowhere else in the world. Visitors, whether corporate or private travellers will witness
experiences that will make them the envy of all as they come to face exuberant cultures and a way of life shielded from the world for so long. But shielded, no more as we bridge the distances of tangibility in providing value, sustenance and uplifting to the stakeholders on either side of the tourism process. Not only will visiting guests witness a specially crafted tour to maximize their enjoyment during their stay, but they will also help boost an infant industry in the Land of the Pure to provide empowerment and enfranchise the many people involved in the affiliated cottage industries servicing their tour.To top all of this off, we also seek to make our service delivery a sustainable one that is one enjoyed by the ages to come as we endorse renewable and sustainable practices in tourism to ensure the longevity of this heritage land and its indigenous people and their way of life.
Sustainable tourism accounts for tourists living in the midst of the natural environment in a non disruptive manner and we aim to balance that fit by providing our clientele with the maximum comfort while retaining the original colors and feeling of this vibrant land of dance and song.
Thus we exist on the mantra of providing an original experience that is indigenous, but with the comfort and safety of one’s own home.

Cultural & Heritage Tours

The cultural and heritage tours offer a breathtaking journey that encompasses all of Pakistan’s most famous sites. It starts from the ebbs of Karachi and makes its way to Peshawar, exploring all the treasures that lie in between. From finding hidden gems in the financial capital Karachi to becoming acquainted with the rich history of Peshawar, this well planned tour will give you the entire gist of the essence of Pakistan, while making you crave more. With the aid of our local guides, you will witness the land and all its stories come to life. You will find yourself swooning at the legendary romantic tales of Susi Panu and Sohni Mahiwal, told straight from the mouths of traditional storytellers, while you sway to romantic Sufi poetry that oozes out of Multan and Lahore. The battles fought along the Indus River will emerge as you visit archaeological sites, as will the glorious Mughal era as you visit architectural remnants strewn all around Pakistan. The ornate, hand painted trucks and traditional rickshaws will add to the homely charm while making you feel one with the locals for an all around immersive travel experience. Our comprehensive tour will guide you along an insightful journey through Pakistan, leaving you room to explore the rich cultural heritage that is part of its core identity.

• Wilderness & Short Treks

Interact with nature with our short treks through the beauty of raw wilderness, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours plans and executes nature treks along picturesque trails for the ultimate calming experience. After a bout of hard work, nothing can compare to the calming experience of getting moving and being one with nature. Moreover, physical activity is directly linked to mental rejuvenation which makes a wilderness trek the perfect way to sweat off work stress and inhale positive energy through the sheer beauty of nature. Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours manages the entire trip, from planning routes to setting the itinerary, so that you can sit back and relax to the fullest

• Day Hikes

Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours schedules day long hikes and tours for groups of people or individuals that cannot commit to longer activities due to their busy schedules. With a day long excursion, you get to relax and rejuvenate after a hectic week without having to schedule an elaborate holiday. Day hikes are also beneficial for novice hikers and people who are seeking a mild dose of adventure. They set the wheels in motion for preparing travellers for longer excursions. A well thought out day hike can ignite the dormant adventurer in you, all while acting as a refreshing retreat in the middle of a hectic week.

• Mountaineering Expeditions

Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours has a complete and comprehensive travel plan for both novice and experienced mountaineers. We cater to all your logistic needs so that you can direct all your time and attention towards climbing and conquering peaks, rather than worrying about travelling and accomodations. We pride ourselves on our inclusive planning that foresees all your needs and caters to them beforehand so that you can have a hassle free expedition, without having to deviate from the object of mountaineering. We cater to a diverse set of needs in terms of numbers and finances. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone or with a group, we will find a way to assist you in your experience. Individuals can be grouped into larger groups while pre formed groups can proceed together making it a learning and enjoyable experience for all. Our staff consists of skilled mountaineers that are well equipped to handle any possible situation and ensure a pleasurable experience for all.

• Research Expeditions

Several occupations require people to go out in the open and conduct research. People tend to be apprehensive and worried when they think of venturing into foreign territory. However, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours makes research expeditions seem like a breeze. We cater to all your travel needs, from booking tickets to taking care of accomodations. This gives you ample room to focus on your research without having to worry about anything else.

• Meetings and Conferences

All organisations, regardless of size, need to try something new and get away from the constant shackles of conference halls and meeting rooms. Stepping out of the norm is proven to instigate better ideas and increase overall worker productivity, while simultaneously acting as a welcome excursion. Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours can help you pick out the perfect location for your next workers’ retreat so that you can get the brain juices flowing, while enjoying a well deserved break.

• Incentives

The Incentive department at Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours focuses mainly on making your organisational vision a reality. All you need to do is provide some basic details regarding your budget and your preferred time slots, and the wheels will be set in motion. By rewarding  your employees with well deserved excursions, no matter how long, you don’t only boost morales but also increase creativity. This sudden jump in mood will not only create a better atmosphere in the work space but will also increase productivity which will benefit you in the long term.

• Business Trips

It doesn’t matter if a business trip is sprung upon you suddenly, or you have been planning it for months, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours can make the experience a lot more hassle free. We will not only plan the entire trip but we will also take care of the visa and the accommodations. We can also procure you a rental car and a chauffeur, in order to further ease your stay. At Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours, we do all the planning, so that you can focus on the core reason you chose to travel in the first place.

• Ski Trips

Anyone who has had the experience of skiing understands the unreal pleasure that comes from racing through snow capped peaks. Pakistan houses the longest glacier present outside the realm of the polar region which makes it a favorite amongst cross country skiers from all across the globe. Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours orchestrates skiing trips to perfection, from planning detailed itineraries to guiding you along the route. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional, or a mere novice, our skilled staff can equip you with all the knowledge you need for an enjoyable skiing experience.

• Jeep, Horse, Camel & Yak Safaris

With Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours, you can navigate across Pakistan on the ride of your choice. It doesn’t matter if you want to make your way across the Cholistan desert on a jeep or camel, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours will cater to all your whimsical travel dreams.

• Cycling and Mountain Bike Tours

Nothing can compete with the liberating feeling of cycling along scenic mountains. Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours organises bike tours along picturesque mountains to provide you with the perfect opportunity to cleanse both your body and soul. Organisations could greatly benefit from incorporating these biking tours into their schedule. Not only would it boost team spirit and uplift morales, but cycling will also help release negative energy so that you can view your life in a whole new light and approach it with renewed vigor.

• Religious/Pilgrimage Tours

Pakistan is inundated with the strong remnants of several religions and cultures. From Katas Raj Temple to Buddhist Stupas, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours can take you on an extensive and explorative tour all across religious sites of different faiths. Opening your eyes to the beauty of different religious sites, acts as an insight towards our roles as global citizens and inculcates the spirit of appreciating the beauty in everything.

• Overland Journeys

Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours offers overland journeys for people who want to take their time exploring wherever they go. We provide top notch transportation facilities so that you can travel in utmost comfort and safety. Moreover, we provide the groups with local guides who can show you around and point out all the tourist spots, making this a memorable journey you will cherish forever.

• Honeymoon Tours

Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours has special packages that cater to newlyweds. It doesn’t matter if you want a luxurious hotel and spa experience or one laden with adventure, we have a diverse portfolio of honeymoon packages that you can have your pick from. It doesn’t matter what you choose, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours will undoubtedly make it a memory that you will cherish for the years to come.

• Family Visits

Nothing seems more relaxing than the thought of vacationing with your family. Lucky for you, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours plans and executes family trips based on your preferences and interests. You can customise a travel plan according to your budget and time and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you fancy the mountains, or you want to relax on a resort, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours will make all your travel plans a reality.

• Exhibitions & Conferences

Several organisations require their employees to attend exhibitions and conferences together. However, planning with a large group of people is nothing short of a headache. Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours can help you orchestrate a successful business event, revolving around your needs, without making you worry about logistics.

• Photography and Filming

Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours hosts photography trips guided by seasoned photographers all across the picturesque landscape of Pakistan. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer, or someone who is just starting out, as long as you appreciate beauty and enjoy capturing it through a lens, this tour is meant for you. You can set out with a few friends, or host a photography themed retreat for your employees as a way to rejuvenate,and Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours can assure you that you will return from the tour refreshed and content.

• Water Rafting

The rivers of Pakistan are woven like an intricate net all through the country’s expanse. From the peaks of the Karakorams, the Hindukush and the Himalayas, Pakistan’s mighty rivers twist and turn to change their course until they can all meet at the magnificent Indus River. These rivers are all fed into the great Arabian sea and are deemed perfect for a wide array of water sports such as canoeing, rafting, boating and sailing. Several rivers, such as the Kunhar River, the Hunza River and the Gilgit River are spread over all the provinces of Pakistan and are open for water rafting. Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours arranges several trips to all these locations and more for a well rounded trip that is bursting with fun and adventure. Not only that but we also have a proficient team of lifeguards on board to make sure you don’t have to worry about the safety of your loved ones amidst all the fun.

• Domestic & international Air Tickets

Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours greatly assists you in the process of booking tickets for not only domestic, but also international flights. Once you choose us, you will never have to worry about commuting within Pakistan or back home. All you need to do is share your details with us before we embark, and agree on a set itinerary, and Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours will take it from there.

• Car Rentals (all kinds of vehicles)

Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours provides a comprehensive Rent a Car service with a vast collection of vehicles at your disposal. You can obtain a car with or without a chauffeur as per your requirement. Whether you require a car for sightseeing in Pakistan, or you need someone to pick and drop you from the airport, our reliable car services are there to facilitate you. The chauffeurs on board are selected after being put under a thorough screening process to ensure their competency and are bound to be professional and reliable. You can avail the rental car services, with or without a chauffeur, for as long as you require as per your desired need. This sort of logistic freedom greatly enhances the travel experience as you can circumvent across locations at your desired pace.

• Train & Coach Booking

If you are travelling in a larger group, Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours offers train and coach booking. This way you can navigate your way not only in between cities but also within the city. Instead of worrying about finding seats and booking tickets, you can focus on making the most of your trip.

• Visa Facilitation

At Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours, we understand how strenuous the process of attaining a visa can be. To enter Pakistan, tourists require a valid and updated visa. Pakistani Embassies worldwide can get you a visa on the condition that you are able to procure an invitation letter from a credible tour operating agency. Hunza Guides Pakistan Travel and Tours can assist you throughout this process, maximising your chances of getting a visa and entering Pakistan.


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