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Chitral with the unique Kailash…

Chitral with the unique Kailash Valley (known as the Wearers of Black Robes) – a remaining minority of approximately 3500 people living in three isolated but beautiful valleys known as Bumburet, Rambur and Berir. The people of Kailash have a rich culture and are very strong footed about their identity. These people stand out from the remaining tribes, cultures and communities due to their distinct traditions, religious practices and festivals. The Kailash Valley boosts serene beauty, lush green valleys and fruit farms making it an ideal tourist spot not only in terms of scenic beauty but also cultural diversity and festivals/ceremonies.

Kalash Festivals
One of the major attractions of Pakistan Cultural Festivals are Kalash Valleys Festivals. The Kalash Valleys of Rumbur,Bunboret, and Birir are within Chitral in the North-West Frontier Province, near Nuristan in Afghanistan. The people here are some of the only non-Muslims for hundreds of miles. The home of kafir Kalash or wearers of the black rose, a primitive pagan tribe. The Kalash are an ancient tribe and have a religion and culture of their own; their culture is unique as well as an amazing one. A legend says that one General Salik Shah, who was called by the Greek as General Sulfurous with five soldiers of the legions of Alexander of MACEDON, settled in Chitral and are the progenitors of the Kafir Kalash. The Kalash are infamous for their festivals; these folks know how to let their hair down in style. There is much dancing where the elders chant legends with drum accompaniment and the women dance around outside. Locally brewed mulberry wine is drunk in copious quantities. The Kalash People celebrate three main festivals in a year.


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