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Tour Of Shrines & Tombs


Pakistan is among those few…

Pakistan is among those few countries that are blessed in various departments. Apart from the sheer natural beauty that Pakistan possesses, the country also has a diverse yet rich heritage and culture. This can be contributed to the various dynasties and civilizations that have resided, over the course of history, in this part of the South Asia.

The diversity that the country possesses in the form of various tourist sites, pertaining to different facets of history, religion, culture etc, is phenomenal. One aspect of this diversity can be seen through a large number of Sufi shrines that are spread all over the country. Keeping in mind the large number of devotees that these shrines attract, Jovago brings you an exclusive article on the 5 famous Sufi Shrines in Pakistan.

Quick Facts
Duration 12 Days
Best Time October – March
Difficulty Level Easy
Destinations Karachi | Thatta | Bahawalpur | Multan | LahoreRawalpindi | Islamabad

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