Chilam Joshi Festival held in the middle of May. It is celebrating in Kalash, District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Citizen of kalash are considered unique among the citizen of Pakistan. The Chilam Joshi festival also known “chilimjusht” People of Kalash commemorates this festival uninterruptedly in four days. During the festival, males and females dance with is the aim of finding their partner.

This festival gives wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beginning of summer and to give a message of peace to the world. During this festival, the people of Kalash pray for the safety of their fields and animals.

The people of Kalash adore the music and dance to the beat of drums. Man and women dance together and People from 36 counties attend this festival every year and some of the backpackers and tourists contemplated this festival just parallel to tomorrow land.



Day: 01

Welcome at Islamabad transfer to the hotel

Day: 02

Islamabad – Chitral Departure for Chitral via Lawari Pass (3118m), our today’s journey will be 10 hours drive, today we will cross some small cites and pasthon villages like Lower Dir, upper Dir etc, arrive in Chitral and transfer to the hotel

Day: 03

Chitral – Bumburat (KalashDeparture for Kalash valley, the 3 hours drive to Kalash village be through the most interesting narrow jeep track, arrive and transfer to the hotel.

Day: 04

Bumburat/Rumbor (Kalash) Enjoy the jusht festival in Bumburat and Rumbor village in Kalash valley.

Day: 08

Kalash – ChitralDrive back to Chitral, arrive and transfer to the hotel

Day: 09

Chitral Islamabad, Drive back to Islamabad, arrive and transfer to the hotel

Day: 10

Fly to destination, Explore the twin city and in the evening drive to the airport and fly to destination

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Kalash Valleys

The Chitral Kafirs are called Kafir Kalash (Black Infidels) because of their women black robes. The women wear red and white beads necklaces and superb black headdresses which flow down their back, and are covered with shells and buttons usually crowned with a large red pompoms. They almost use the Kamez Shalwar by the men Read more


Chitral lies in the foot of Trich Mir the highest of Hindu Kush Mountain bordered with Afghanistan. The inhabitants are speaking Khowar and Urdu, surrounded. Valleys high mountains of 6500m to 7700m surround Chitral. The Kalash valleys are one of the impressive valleys in Chitral District. Chitral town is surprisingly large, its population having swelled Read more

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Peshawar Plain the broad Kabul River from Khybar Pass to the Indus was called Gandhara. Hindu tribes were living there in the 2nd Millennium B.C. Ruled by Aryans, the cattle herded people spread over the plain of Peshawar and the Surrounding Mountains in 6th century B.C. The Achemieds formed a new satrapy in Gandhara Read more